Fast & Perfect Builders offers rendering/ graphics which gives a visual model of your project. The benefit of rendering / graphics is to simulate mistakes and identify design faults that might occur duriing the design, development and production process. Our rendering solution allows you experience a better visualisation of lights with a finishing touch. Once models are created, limitless possibilities to walk through the presentation which can improve your creative needs.


Fast & Perfect Builders offer a full range of architectural services to meet all of our clients business needs. In addition to architectural design, our capabilities also include pre-design planning and facility programming, site development planning, entitlement services, and surveys of existing conditions. For clients with an established design direction or prototype, our team will conduct constructability reviews and value engineer the project where appropriate, adapting our client’s model to match existing conditions. If a unique design is needed, our architecture studio will coordinate with our client’s staff, outside consultants, or specialty designers to create a new solution tailored specifically to their requirements. We take a team approach in developing architectural designs that balance quality, aesthetics, and cost to meet all our client’s goals. 

We offer architectural and structural designing for various buildings such as villas, churches, schools, colleges, hospitals, and other commercial and Industrial buildings etc. Our team of designers and architects offer innovative solutions with respect to plan, design, construction etc.

We tailors the consultation process to suit the project, making sure it will meet the needs and expectations of all parties. In order to do this effectively, we employ a variety of engagement techniques depending on the requirements of the client, project and local population. These range from low-key-small-scale open house events to large-scale public meetings, email campaigns and blogging.




Fast & Perfect Builders service offerings include estimating, constructability reviews, contract negotiations, cost controls, scheduling, permitting, and design coordination for design-build projects. Our dedicated program managers lead our project team and our construction managers provide detailed expertise in the construction process, acting as a resource to the rest of the team and ensuring each task is performed efficiently and effectively. We provides construction services with direct responsibility for delivering construction work, or as a consultant to the client managing the work of outside constructors. Our construction managers oversee the construction phase of each project from pre-construction planning to final close out, following established procedures to ensure the client’s goals are met at each stages.  

We carry out execution of civil structural construction works right from foundation stage to the completion stage. Fast & Perfect Builders as a builder, developer and an interior designer have exhibited those traits which have made us one of the leaders in the construction industry; with our vast expertise in the sector, we proudly introduce ourselves as one of the best in this field of contemporary and traditional methods of building planning and erection par excellence. Our expert team of designers – Architects, structural engineers, supervisors, and skilled workers who form the backbone of our success marvel. The standing pillars of our each and every achievement are our team members who are well qualified with impeccable reputation. Our civil construction services are available at market competitive prices that fit to client’s budget..


Fast & Perfect Builders is one of the top fit out & interior company in Kerala. Whether you prefer a traditional or a Contemporary Design, we execute projects with only the top suppliers. Before you commence your fit out, be rest assured as we show you high quality 3D designs and 3D panoramic walkthroughs of your space. We specializes in Residential and Commercial Design. A small corporation for clients seeking individual attention, from a single consultation to a complete design service.