About us



It was founded in 2003 with the vision to evolve as a leading company building homes that leave lasting impression and which last forever. Years of strong reputation, sound legacy of success and heritage of high values in quality home building, that makes the identity of Fast & Perfect Builders from Thrissur- Kerala.

Fast & Perfect Builders has always laid enough emphasis on understanding customer expectations and desires while building homes, because we believe a home is the foundation for nurturing and expressing one‟s lifestyle. We design homes keeping our customers in mind; therefore every home we build reflects the way families and individuals live in today‟s contemporary world. It is this unwavering pursuit of customer satisfaction and promise of building communities of excellence that makes us the trusted home builder of the new era.

Growth is beyond numbers, years, profits, turnover… it‟s a pervasive necessity to be able to survive and an inevitable process to learn, de-learn and re-learn from one‟s actions, experiences and surroundings. With every passing moment we continues to grow and emerge as a stronger and better identity.At Fast & Perfect Building, it‟s time to cherish and celebrate our journey of successful home building that has evolved over time to achieve high level of excellence and customer satisfaction in every home we build. It feels great pride and joy as we head towards the bright milestone of our journey with contemporary thoughts and approaches to quality real estate development. We are growing 15 years young, energetic, innovative and dynamic.


Our aim is to “Achieve Your Dreams” by giving you perfect, quality, innovative, eco-friendly and sustainable home within your budget on time.